How to share a link on Facebook with someone

Facebook is the easiest way to share anything with our loved ones, friends and colleagues. You are fond of reading and on a website, you found something very interesting and now you want to share that article with your friend. How will you do that? Well! Don’t get puzzled as below you will find the ways to share a link on Facebook.

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  1. Share Button: Sign-in to your Facebook account and you can tap the button “Post to Facebook” and you can promptly share anything. Most of the websites have the inbuilt “Share” button. It usually looks like a Facebook logo. Once you share with the help of this “Share” button a preview will be created by Facebook and immediately that link is posted on your timeline and shared will be your Facebook friends.


  1. By address:  If the “Share” button isn’t there then you can simply copy the link and paste it to “What’s on your mind?” box and it will be posted on the timeline. This is the easiest way to share anything whether it is a link, image or video etc. You can also choose the audience as well.

There are some other ways to share a link as well. The article which you are reading on a particular website may have a “Say Something” or “what do you say about this.” You can simply comment here by logging in to your Facebook.

Once you comment, this article will be posted to your timeline and your friend will be notified via the “news feeds”. Don’t forget to choose the correct audiences.

In your Facebook account it might possible that you may have added your relatives and family friends or members and you don’t want share that private link to them. If “Share” button isn’t there the best way to share a link is the “What’s on your mind” box.

Once you login either on your laptop or on your mobile device the first thing you see is the status box “What’s on your mind” Simultaneously images, videos, text etc. can be shared with the link without any hassles. You can also contact  Facebook Customer Technical Support Helpline Number .


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